Guangdong Yogo Law Firm (“Yogo”) is approved by the Department of Justice of Guangdong Province to provide comprehensive legal services. Our mission is to “provide professional and efficient services to the clients, and create an open and equal career platform for the employees”.

Yogo was originated from Guangdong Yogo Patent Firm, which was formed in 1985, when the “Patent Law of the People's Republic of China” was issued. In 2001, Yogo was restructured to be a limited liability company.

The initiator of Yogo is one of the first generation of lawyers and patent agents in China. Under the leadership of the initiator, Yogo has been providing professional legal services, combining with financial and patent right services, for Midea Group, China Liansu, and Guangdong Yuedian Group. In 2010, Yogo was established for the commercial legal business as demanded by the clients.

Yogo has been focusing on commercial legal services since its establishment. Now, it has four kinds of legal services, including real estate, legal consultation, patent right, and investment and merge & acquisition. During the past decades, Yogo has served hundreds of companies and kept good relationship with tens of companies. We have also participated in the IPO, restructuring, and debt issuing of such clients.

People are our core competence. We set very strict standard for the recruitment. All of our lawyers are from famous law schools. Most of them hold master degrees and can work in Mandarin, Cantonese, and English. We have experienced lawyers and fresh lawyers with great potential and ambition. Each lawyer has its own occupation. They can work independently or as a team. This smart working model guarantees our professional and efficient services. 

We are professional, but we are not working alone. We cooperate with other resources and provide integrated services to our clients. Our strategic partners include law firms, accounting firms, PE firms, enterprise management consulting companies.